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Murf’s Shooting Range is a family owned and operated business in Southwest Oklahoma. We are located in Duncan, OK on Highway 81 and conveniently located north across the street from Murf’s Guns (and the local Walmart.) We opened in late March 2018.  The Murphree family has been in the firearms business for over 50 years.  We saw the need in our community for a modern, state of the art indoor gun range. The business location just North of Murfs Guns, our family’s gun store, became available and we made the decision to convert what was originally a gas station, then a used car lot into our shooting range.  We went to great lengths to build a range that provides a safe, clean environment for shooters with noise reduction features for both the interior and exterior environment surrounding the range.  Our goal is to provide our community and customers with the highest quality service.  We strive to provide our customers with information to become better shooters and firearms enthusiasts. 

We are Southwest Oklahoma’s only climate controlled indoor gun range.  Our ventilation and exhaust system along with bullet trap create and provide a clean and safe environment for shooters.  The weather is always perfect here!

Murf’s Shooting Range has 7 shooting lanes that extend to 25 yards shooting distance.  Each lane is equipped with an independently controlled hard target retriever system and shootings stalls that allow for the best shooter orientation, protection and comfort.  The steel bullet trap is rifle rated and we allow all pistol calibers and most rifle calibers to be shot Our range has a lounge that is also used as a classroom.  We offer our lounge area to local businesses and organizations for meetings or private parties.

Murf’s Shooting Range offers classes such as the Oklahoma Self Defense Act Handgun Class (Concealed/Open Carry), Basic to Advanced Handgun classes, classes for women only (to familiarize women with handling, carrying and defending themselves with handguns), weekly games and other events.  Private lessons are also offered by CLEET certified firearms instructors.

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